Comment: I just tried to post on a 'thread' titled--

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I just tried to post on a 'thread' titled--

"is there a chilling effect on DP?"--

I hadn't watched the video; I simply felt that it was important to state that on the above video of Susan Lindauer--

she mentions that it was a ruling from the federal government during WWI that was used to silence whistleblowers after 9/11--

I had been doing some studying about recent German immigrants during WWI and how they were treated here in the U.S. In many places, not well at all--

and if the Nazi threat had yet been seen by anyone in the U.S., I don't think many people talked about it.

I think it was on DP where I first read, "the first victim of war is truth"--

Those German immigrants came here out of desperation, and many of them believed in the American dream--

they believed in free speech, but their own rights were often ignored--

anyway, I was posting all this on the 'has the "chilling effect" come to DP?"--

and I was blocked.

I really am not interested in getting into the 'fight' that has seemed to be erupted on DP with regards to 'things I won't mention'--

I just realized that *we* are at war, if truth is crushed.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--