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Comment: 12th grade Civics please!

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12th grade Civics please!

We all learned this in high school.

Obama - Born in Kenya to one citizen parent = Naturalized

Romney - Born in Mexico to two US citizens = Naturalized

McCain - Born in the Panama Canal territory to TWO US citizens = Natural Born

Cruz - Born in Canada to one US citizen = Naturalized

Rubio - Born in FL to two naturalized us citizens = Natural Born

I would not begrudge someone say in the case of Romney where a child is born to TWO citizens who happened to be living abroad or traveling when their child was born but FFS can we follow the rule of law rather than just ignore it!!!

Our founding father's did not have all the answers and were not prophets and could not see the future. There are some things that need to be changed in the constitution. Where citizenship is concerned they probably never imagined we would be traveling to to the other side of the earth within a day. They were prophetic enough to know that situations would arise where the constitution would need to be amended and gave us the power to change it with 2/3 the legislatures approval.

Let's change it where need be not just ignore it!!! Although changing it in this day and age they would probably fuck it up.