Comment: Nick Finch is a hero

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Nick Finch is a hero

As you know, a Sheriff is the highest elected official in a county.

I agree with the poster below who suggested the deputy was operating as an infiltrator under a state department to take out Finch one way or another (multible victimless arrests and complaints).

What organization arrested Finch is mission info.. could be Marshalls or Rangers, working for the State (governor). In addition, it would be interesting who replaced Finch, Gov appointed, or another deputy, and what is happening to some people that the Sheriff was protecting the state has issues with.. are their raids going on now? What is happening to the people of the county?

I applaud Sheriff mack and wish him abundant success on his fundraisers, getting the message out.

Who is the governor working for, surely not the people of Florida.

And it is exactly in a county named "Liberty" one could expect, as Liberty is a very popular word, so a search engine would hide the story much easier than if the county was named, Crackerville.

Thank you for the post. I LOVE my sheriff and wouldn't want this to happen to him.