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Comment: The problem is religion in general.

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The problem is religion in general.

Christ didn't come to start a "religion". Religion is what man has made of God's Word. Most, if not all, denominations of "Christianity" have simply reverted back to what Christ fought in the Temple. Humans put up a non-existent roadblock to salvation, by trying to force their own beliefs on people. You have denominations that say you can't be "saved" if you cut your hair, wear make up, drink beer, smoke cigs, smoke pot, believe in the 3 in 1 "Holy Trinity", and some even call others heretics because they can't agree on whether to use one cup or multiple cups for communion. These are generalized "legalism", which Christ fought against. If you need a good sermon then read "Sermon on the Mount". If you want to know what God says, then read God's word. It really is that simple. The wolf in sheeps clothing, that resides behind the pulpit, is more worried about his ability to control you than he is about your salvation.

On another note, there is a huge difference between someone that is an "Athiest" vs. "Anti Theist". I personally believe that it is impossible to be both libertarian and anti-theist. If you EVER AT ANY TIME go after someones religion or faith, and demean them because of their faith, then you are a terrible person. Absolutely nothing to gain, except the possibility of really spewing venom at someone who believes differently than you. Not a very freedom and liberty loving thing to do.

We can respect each other and work towards the same goals of liberty and freedom, and we can do it no matter our religious preference. You respect my beliefs and I can respect yours. Now if You put yourself on a pedestal, and put me down for my beliefs, then I will destroy your pedestal by any means necessary.