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Feel free to look at my

Feel free to look at my profile and view my posts and comments.

I may have just signed up last year, but I was just a long time reader since early spring of 2008. A few things caused me to sign up here and be more involved...

Ron Paul's Tampa speech. I realized we have to start carrying the torch, we can't rely on Ron.

I moved to the Carolina's in the summer from Illinois, and I became energized hearing Tom Davis in Tampa and couldn't believe this guy was a state senator in my state.

And then earlier this year , Michael Nystrom said we need to do more for the Daily Paul than just talking. That's why I drove to Columbia this past June and was able to get Rand in a 1 on 1 interview on behalf of the Daily Paul. And now that's why I've set this Hangout up with Bright.

Anybody can do this, it's not even that hard.

When it comes to Lee Bright, Im almost 100% sure now this is the guy we should elect. Ill wait until after the Hangout. I do plan on being very active for one if the SC candidates, it will probably be Bright.