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No I believe in freedom of speach

PressTV can lie all they like.

Organizations like the ADL and AIPAC claim to be for Israel, and say they are in "defense" of Israel, but do not stand for the sovreignity of Israel.. AIPAC blackmails Israel with MIC "support", ADL blackmails Israel with MSM "support", the TRUTH is they do not represent Israel or defend Israel but use Israel to destoy sovreignty for a NWO..

Israel is sovreign, as America once was.. Isreal isn't paying the ADL or AIPAC.. Israel could stop PressTV from telling lies and they would have done that years/ decades ago if they wanted.

I think that because Israelis have been very creative coming up with some comedy and freedom reports exposing Press TV, the ADL is being "pro-active" and getting people to rally for PressTV.. it's not like the ADL mentioned any of the Israel companies making films exposing Press TV, eh? ADL is a muckraking and pandering to muck thing up for their own profit.

To find the video below, I had to search 23 pages of YouTube lists, which 5 would represent my position. That means of 460 videos, 5 were IMO FOR Israel. Could it be, that a NWO global government composed of 165 countries who resent Israel's sovreignty from the UN Agenda are working YouTube?