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Possibly for this reason

Coming out in support of certain hard-wired brainwashed issues supported by all the forces of money power, political demagoguery and 24/7 corporate / state propaganda networks IS political suicide.

Political. Suicide.

Rand didn't invent the Game, he's opted to play in the Game, and the Game is THEIR Game, with rules that are already in place.

If he doesn't play in that Game, they will shove him out. The same way they did with his dad.

And the American sheeple will go right along with it, because a sizable percentage are still in denial, have no principles, cannot follow a common sense debate, and / or are completely oblivious and in la la land.

Come out too far in favor of drug legalization. SUICIDE.

Come out in favor of hemp legalization instead, as a stepping stone? SMART

Come out too far in favor of withdrawing support for Israel? SUICIDE

Come out in favor of starting by withdrawing foreign aid from 'muslim' countries (ie. 'the other guys') that hate the US SMART

Since most of the people bashing Rand for every detail of what he does are armchair internet quarterbacks waiting for the perfect libertarian chosen one to take Dr Paul's place ...

They completely overlook Reality in their quest for the Holy Grail. They are ready to shoot some of their only allies that are actually in a position to reverse course in time to salvage anything at all from the sinking ship.

Until there will be no-one left down there doing anything at all to stop this madness.

I'd rather have him waffle on drugs and some foreign policy issues to get elected, than copy cat his dad, win the hearts and mind of people but get railroaded out of the party completely.

Some of you would rather him get railroaded out of the party - and the Game - completely. It's "more honest".