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Comment: You are very confused.

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You are very confused.

Sovereignty for Israel has much to do with nothing regarding the issues that surround Zionist-Fronted collectivist lobbies and Rothschild spawns such as the ADL. Israel is a sovereign state, period. For that matter, so is the United States if we are to go by the dictionary definitions.

AIPAC and the ADL do not "blackmail" Israel; I don't know where you are getting that idea from. If anyone is being "blackmailed" by these insidious groups, it is the US politicians (by AIPAC) and people who speak out against and oppose the imperialist agenda that permeates from the Zionist Front into virtually all Westernized regions (by the ADL).

You are right when you say these groups do not represent or defend Israel. They represent and defend the people behind the mask; the people who own the media, own the banks, have control over US politics and therefore are able to and have committed crimes against humanity. The most prominent entity at the core of all the aforementioned instances of manipulation and treachery is the House of Rothschild. The Rothschild family fortune alone is estimated at over 500 Trillion Dollars. Tell me why Jacob Rothschild did not make it on Forbes' list of 100 richest people this year? No need, the answer is self-evident when you look at history from the most non-revisionist point of view possible.

A non-revisionist look into Israel's past reveals that Israel was created by the Rothschilds for the Rothschilds. Forget Jewish people, they are merely an instrument of control to the House of Rothschild, and out of that context they are viewed just the same as everyone else in their minds as worthless and taking up resources.

So these people working behind the mask are the ones who "profit" from the efforts of the ADL and AIPAC. Not "profit" in a monetary sense though, they have plenty of that already. The ADL is a non-profit organization, so your claim that the ADL itself is somehow profiting is unsubstantiated, if in fact you intended the word "profiting" as used by you to be interpreted as implying monetary profit.

It is apparent to me that the video you linked to is pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian propaganda. The instances of supposed "peacefulness" that the spectators (who are all actors) list such as "supplying clean water and electricity" for Palestinians is highly debatable. The IDF has set up blockades to deny the Gaza Strip of water and food in the past. So it could be argued that in fact negates any efforts from Israel to supply Palestinians with resources no matter how well-intentioned they may have been. It is analogous to feeding starving prisoners one day and then not feeding them the next. Is it humane? No, it is not.

With the right amount of propaganda and conflicting religious and racial attitudes in the mix, the divide and rule game can be played with great effectiveness, and this is exactly the game those behind the Zionist Front are playing and have been playing for decades. It is the role of the ADL, AIPAC and so many other front groups to perpetuate these games for their masters behind the Zionist mask, whom I earlier mentioned.