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with the "Marxists would describe as opportunists" also came from that very same section in For a New Liberty, I was just keeping with describing Rothbard's point. I don't particularly care what Marxists call anything, but it would be hard to argue with their political success, wouldn't it? Marxists have been very successful at creating a centrally planned economy, heck they even got a central bank! Did they do it by advocate for *some* government intervention in money? No, they advocated for a central bank with *full* control over the nation's currency.

I do find Rothbard's reference to the Marxists interesting, as it is one of political strategy. And your political strategy is to beg for a "1% decrease in spending over 5 or 6 years" you can expect that the best case scenario in a compromise you will get maybe just a 1% increase in spending.

As jao points out below, the issue is not about incrementalism per se, but how one goes about advocating on an issue. If you can only get 1%, we'll certainly take that over nothing. But to *advocate* for 1%?

Well I can see why Rand uses that qualifier.
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