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Most importantly, as I and others have repeatedly said for years, Levin has come to the conclusion that rather fear an amendment convention Americans should more fear sticking with the current corrupt, dysfunctional government system that has brought the US down into what I called a delusional democracy.

I've watched the two parties and the money power that backs them take over every single genuine grassroots movement. They already own everything from the town/city level on up.

Where do the honorable representatives to the convention come from?

How will the con reps be any better than any other politician?

Why won't the two parties and the plutocracy just buy/coopt the convention? I believe it would happen and as evidence I present the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street.

How am I wrong about this? I'd like to be wrong, but I can't take somebody's word for it. I need to see a process before me that proves that only honorable people will attend the convention. Show me how that is possible and I'll support this with all my passion.

I see a nation of 440 million people and 40+ million are not citizens or here legally. Of the remaining 400 million, how many understand and live the philosophy of liberty? What is the true nature of this body politic? Would people 100 years ago put up with what we have now?

We'll end up with a constitution that declares a national religion and guarantees everyone a job, judging by the beliefs of most Americans today.

I don't trust democracy and I don't trust plutocracy. I trust the small number of individuals who are well informed and liberty minded. They represent never more than an absolute max of 10% of our elected officials at every level. 10% of the voting population perhaps. How does a marginalized 10% of the population insure that all the delegates to the convention are of their thinking? They don't. And if they did, it would be Tampa all over again.

Meanwhile, the government has been left to interpret its own chains and that has failed quite miserably. The constitution does not say what the supreme court has decided it says. That is the real problem.

This system we have now totally sucks and is getting worse by the day. If I were delusional about that, I'd not have been here for many years. As a historian I am aware that it could be a whole lot worse.