Comment: We are winning the infowar on this issue

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We are winning the infowar on this issue

We are definitely winning. These people are twisting around like little worms. I believe that even the host of this show realizes now that 9/11 was indeed an inside job. Keep pressing forward. You could tell that everyone of these people knew the truth but were too afraid to say.

Now as far as James O'Keefe goes, he is a fraud and his book Breakthrough is not worth buying. I promise you this because I bought his book and if I could get Amazon to take it back, I would send it back. He is not a Journalist but rather should be working for some porn magazine. Project Veritas is worthless so don't donate to this fraud.

As far as 9/11, everyone I talk to knows it was an inside job now. Just a few years ago they would argue with me but now they drop their head and admit it was an inside job. We are winning this argument hands down.