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point for point

"This strategy of starting local, getting involved at the local level with country central committees, city councel, and so on and so forth sounds a lot like what our Founders envisioned.

That strategy should also sound familiar because it's Ron Paul's long-goal strategy to reform the GOP in this manner.

G Edward Griffin notes that Marxists-Lenninists similarly planned to take over the system from within, incrementally. And, in his presentation, "An Idea Whos Time has Come," advocates that libertarians should replicate their working strategy."

Sure, that's a fine strategy for those that who choose to take that path. I don't think it's the path for everyone. I've seen Grffin's speech and agree, it seems to fall right in line with what Ron Paul is advocating within the GOP. For those that take interest in politics and see that as a salvation, it's fine and dandy.

"That would be an appropriate write-up."

Then write it up.

"You on the other hand use Rothbard's excerpt to draw inappropriate analogies to Rand with high-energy buzz words like "oppurtinist," and "marxist."

But that is not consistent.

If you were consistent with your belief, you would also call Ron a "Lennonist-opportunist" for advocating reforming the government, locally from within."

Your going a bit off the rails here,at no point do a call Rand Paul or anybody else a "Marxist" other than Marxists. In the context of Rothbard's comparison the term "right-wing opportunist" seems to apply perfectly. It is all about context. Please read the original Rothbard, Chapter 15 of "For a New Liberty" for better context.

"Or if you truly wanted to be a Walter Block hero, you would drop the whole thing, re-write your article Defending-the-Indefensible-style, substitute in the words "Rand Paul" with "anarchist" and take pride that you can see the world without a polarized lense.

Burn-it-all-down-anarchists who call themselves "libertarian" are also just as guilty of using the same qualifiers that you accuse the Senator from KY of doing."

Ok, you've honestly lost me here. I'm happy to respond further once I get just what it is you're getting at, but to be clear at no point do I refer to Rand or others as "Marxists". I do believe we should all be wary of politicians who tend to use the libertarian qualifiers, and keep an eye on their moves and statements. Or do you believe we should blindly follow any of those that don the "liberty/libertarian" qualifier moniker?
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