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Props to RP and his team for the creation and implementation of the RP channel, the future of which, will no doubt be a resounding success.
Having said that, I don't agree that subscription funding is the answer for the dissemination of the RP message. The actual fee in dollar terms is not the issue, but the limited access to the casual observer, inquiring mind or potential liberty convert is.
The requirement to register and subscribe, other than the pay-to-view
aspect is no doubt going to seriously limit the potential and scope of Rons' ability to reach the greater population.
Preaching to the converted is fine, but a closed audience is not going to spread the message of liberty.

There are other alternatives to funding via subscription and conceiveably with better end results. I also doubt that a man that can generate more contributions to a campaign fund in one day, than any other person in history, would be lacking for support on any venture he embarked upon.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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