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I understand the intention...

BUT I have to disagree. Although anti-Semites sometimes use the word Zionist, racists also use the words Capitalist and Socialist. And usually, when racists use these terms, they're not using them correctly. Racists apply a completely twisted "definition" to the words "Zionism", "Capitalist" and "Socialist."

Examples: There ARE racists against Black folks within the Tea Party. There ARE racists against White folks in the "Liberal" establishment. There ARE anti-Semites that still recognize that AIPAC has disconcerting amount of influence on our Federal Government (sic.). They usually use the terms "Socialist" and "Capitalist", and "Zionist" respectively, as a pejorative.

If you are NOT racist, you have a Duty and an Obligation to educate people what the terms really mean, and to use them appropriately. We need to let people know what true Socialism, Capitalism, and Zionism really is---along with all the other isms and terms.

Once our language is hijacked, all it takes is ONE Generation, and words change. And once words change, interpretation of historical documents changes. Just look at how the word "regulate" has changed since the Constitution's ratification. And the word "infringe". And "Declaration" (of war). You could literally add hundreds of words to this list.

So maybe there IS a cointelpro of government-sponsored nazis trying to smear us by misusing 'Zionism.' Fine. Then it's up to us to correct it. And use it MORE in the correct way.