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Google does not have a

Google does not have a strangle hold on advertising? RP doesn't even have to use advertising to make money. If it was my channel and my personal legacy using my name? I would be more concerned with building my Brand! Instead of building a start-up with other peoples money. After all it's not like Ron Paul is poor or doesn't have a black book with contacts to money. I'll tell you why. It's either a political move for his son or he is still campaigning like a politician. Either way it's a bad investment to this businessman and there are many successes online that prove me right. PJMedia, Revision3, Vice, Jupiter Broadcasting, Fora Network, Ted, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Adam Kokesh, James Corbett, Mark Dice, Real News Network all operate successful internet media businesses without charging a penny for basic access. While RP went the Route of Rush Libaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Where you pay for the video and if you share a link to said video your a criminal.