Comment: Donate to End the Fed for his Bday!!

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Donate to End the Fed for his Bday!!

I didn't even know this was up till now!

I went to the site and they first set the deadline to August 16th, but now I see a ticker counting down to midnight (Ron's Bday).

So they must of extended it! Awesome!

Gogogo! Get that ticker higher!

I am donating now!

And call those Reps about HR 24 !


EDIT: This link might be better, as it is secure and a https. I am not sure why the other one isn't? Or does it link to a secure contribution link? I dunno, but I always look for it, so I will be donating to the secure link.

Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
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