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Things would actually go

Things would actually go better overall without the InterNet, but dependency on the InterNet has brought us to this point of universal surveillance. Like digital money, convenience has a price, a rather expensive one. In all honesty, digital radio (Digital Radio Mondiale) is the ONLY viable means currently available for mass communication digitally, but development is behind schedule for two primary reasons:

1. Governments don't like its basic immunity to control.
2. Software exploiting its potential is lacking due to the current (fading) romance with the InterNet.


Reception only, no direct feedback so less convenient ... Certainly constitutionally oriented amateur radio operators could assume a role here with enough need or use a telephone for feedback as needed.

Worst Situation:

Not even the FCC can prevent an unannounced, unlicensed (pirate) broadcast every day or even multiple times per day. True, such pirate broadcasts would be received by a minority of listeners who would then have to spread the message via means other than the InterNet. Sophisticated digital scanners with recording capability would likely be mandatory. I'll have to research this latter possibility more.

Current Situation:

Even a licensed and announced program like a show on GCN, e.g. Alex Jones, or similar network could technically keep the troops informed daily, but GCN would need to start broadcasting DRM for maximum flexibility. Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcasts can even transmit encrypted files like the German military currently does for their deployed troops. Analog could still be used as a back-up.