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Two terms, each describing

Two terms, each describing government's involvement:

1) legalize: to make legal. (legal: law/gov't; -ize: to make)

2) decriminalize: to remove criminality. (de-: remove; crime: a thing done to punish for; -ize: to make)

One of those terms is government control and the other is the absence of government control which means the individual can grow, sell and consume what is in question and seek (or not seek) help without anyone being stolen from to provide for him, the ethical position. Additionally, if dispute should happen about the thing in question, the dispute can be resolved privately or through the court system.

Which of the two terms institutionalizes, creates, sellers who abide the government's say-so, and which term allows freedom, where the individual talks with whom he wants and can even produce what he wants without fear of interloper/government attack especially if that production isn't to the government's guidelines?

Again, the terms are:

1) legalize
2) decriminalize

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