Comment: I would down vote this and leave

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I would down vote this and leave

if you hadn't discussed this further in a later thread.

I actually hope you run into a Muslim or two. A couple down the road run a convenience store. They are in their late 30's with a couple of kids I haven't met. What intrigued me was they (husband and wife) work the store by themselves in shifts. And a couple if times I noticed an older hispanic lady bringing paper plates covered in tin foil.

I ask them one day what that was all about, ....

The reply was, the neighbor was glad the store was open and she found out we liked enchaladas, and we kinda trade for our lunch.

I'm sick of labels and people living by the standards that TV tells them to.

Get to know people YOURSELF! Quit letting other people tell you who you shouldn't like and send people to kill.

Geeeez. Daily Paul? This is America. But only if we act like Americans.