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Maybe I can help

Jews are many races, there are Askenazi, Farci, Sophardic, Chinese, Ethiopean, and more, they are many nationalities, where in Israel, many Mushavs are nationality based, and that includes 4 American mushavs, containing many races.

Judaism has many branches, othodox, reform, conservative, B'nai, Kabbalah, and offshoots, Messianic, Jews for Jesus, some Catholics consider themselves Jews..

Secular Israel represents the freedom for all these people to exist and worship how they see fit.

Secular Israel also represents Israelis who are Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic and cults. They include people who want a sovreign Israel (The state protecting the people's rights), and globalists who want Israel to abandon sovreign statehood and merge into the UN as part of the UN Agenda.

Zionism takes many forms, secular zionist (globalist), Christian zionist, Kahanist zionist (orthodox radical), revisionist zionists, and more. The only thing these groups have in common is that Israel has the right to exist. Where they differ is how Israel has a right to exist. Some, like me, want a sovreign Israel so people can self determine, some want Israel to abandon sovreignity and adopt the UN Agenda (Israel is the only nation that refused), some want Israel to be symbolic, and not a state, but a bookmark with the UN headquarters taking Jerusalem and making it an international city. Some folks, connect the dots between Rothchild (private banking) to Israel, and fail to connect the dots to central banking (corporate socialist), confusing the two..

Israel is a very important topic because it represents the human struggle in a nutshell. There are 1/2 million Jews trying to move to Israel, so Israel has a huge problem with keeping within it's own borders. People who LOVE freedom and Liberty and live in countries where they are oppressed want to move to Israel. They are desperate, plus Israel has an aging population, no social security for them, and have to deal with sustaining this population.

So there are many human problems and how Israel manages them are important to anyone interested to how a "Liberty Movement" could actually work. For example, if Detroit was located in Israel, it would be thriving. Detroit shows us Americans that this UN Agenda is undoing us, and maybe we should look to Israel and see how they thrive against all odds?

Anyways, I hoped I helped you understand the complications of zionism.