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Denise - i agree - some things should be classified

However, there is a huge moral difference between keeping something classified to maintain an advantage - such as technology - or to maintain secrecy about a future movement - I would not want the world knowing when we pull our subs into Groton for a little tune up - seems it would be tempting for some - and classifying material to keep people in the dark - or worse - to cover up lies(as is the case with the infamous helicopter video).

Lets also take a step back for a minute though and ask some tough questions. Bradley Manning was a horrible soldier from day one in the military. He was "dropped" in basic and had to start over - that is a real bad start to a military career. He had issues all along - yet - somehow - they allow this misfit, "unsat" soldier to gain top security clearance. That should be the first sign something is horribly wrong.

Seems to me if it is so important - you should probably not let the cannon fodder(which is what an unsat drop in boot camp used to be referred to) have access to it - this guy really should have topped out at a cook - not in intelligence.
That's not to say I think what he did was wrong - I am glad he did it. However, the other side is the writing on the wall - our military is in such a poor state that some piss poor excuse for a soldier, clearly emotionally troubled and barely able to deal with the stress of Boy Scout boot camp in the Army was given access to hordes of top secret data - and had so little oversight that he was actually able to steal it - and was only caught because of his instability and his own admission.

As for Rand - I think he will probably wish for clarification. When he says he has little sympathy - that also implies he has no issue with the abusive treatment following his arrest - and THAT I do have an issue with- because no other single issue portrays the downfall of our society more than the acceptance of torture in our current culture. Otherwise- whatever - in my opinion Rand is the last best hope - perfect or otherwise - anybody else wins the presidency and I will probably look to leave this country.