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Great article.

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However extreme and paranoid and downright cartoonish his unending stream of alarm can be, Jones believes every word he says and can prove it with a personal stash of food big enough to last three years. And if they bothered to look without prejudice, these righteous leftists would see that Jones covers issues like the drug war, the growing security state, and Monsanto's genetic modification of food exactly the way they do, just as many of his themes were echoed by the Occupy movement. Their personal attacks just evade the far more troubling question of why so many people on all sides of the political spectrum now believe such radical ideas - why the coal-mine canaries who scream about poison gas whenever hard times come have suddenly appeared everywhere, flocking left and right and straight into the halls of Congress. At a time when America seems to be minting a thousand new Alex Joneses every day, the bigger question is: What changed? Have these people gone crazy, or do they actually see something the rest of us don't? How do you make an Alex Jones?

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