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snarky chit..

surely wont unite us.

Rand is the leader of our movement. He has displayed it repeatedly. We may not like his alliances, or how he plays the game, or every word that he says. Ignoring the fact that it was this same grassroots that propelled him into the Senate is ignorant and ignoring his actions since he got there is even more ignorant.

That is what leadership is. Balancing your supporters with your critics and doing the right fucking thing. Its a hard fucking job and Rand continually impresses me on the subject that matters to me. Leadership. Leading the country. Remaining true to your principles and playing this wicked, fucked up game called politics. A saint would never be elected to office and that is my point.

Rand certainly aligns himself with our core principles and beliefs better than anyone else in DC. Im not trying to be a dick here but you are causing me to get a little irritated.

I posted this because of the action and leadership I have witnessed Rand Paul make. It is his overall positions that give me faith that he is the 'leader' than can unite the base, DC and convert democrats. That is what matters to me. Our message winning is my top priority and the reason I have been involved for over 6 years.

I don't have a 'new definition of leadership'. What I do have is faith that Rand Paul is doing his best considering the amount of bullshit he has to wade through.

Not to be a dick and I mean it.. I cant stand seeing the grassroots getting divisive over simplistic arguments.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul