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I also am

glad that Mr. Manning had the courage to step forward and do what he did and he is a hero in my book because he had to know that doing so was going to destroy the rest of his life, and possibly end it and that takes an incredible amount of courage to do what he did. It is my opinion; however, that Rand's statement concerning his lack of sympathy for him was specific to the fact that he was being prosecuted for breaking the law and doing so in a manner which had the potential to harm other individuals, and I think he clarified that by further commenting that he could have done what he did in a much more preferable manner than just "willy nilly" throwing a mountain of classified paperwork out there for anyone to see and use. I truly do not believe that Rand Paul does or would support torture of anyone for any reason because, as you referenced, that is the worst possible violation of a human being's rights and Rand has shown over and over again that he is a strong proponent and protector of civil rights. It just doesn't make sense to me that he would ever think that torture is ok. I also would suspect that if you were to have a private conversation with Rand Paul that his sentiments would have been more in line with his dad's, but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing he can do to help Bradley Manning or change his circumstances at this point and this is something that the establishment would love to use against him if given even the smallest of opportunities and Rand was wise enough not to give it to them. Rand's record to date; however, speaks very loudly to me about where he stands on protecting civil rights and I do not for a minute believe that he thinks that the physical mistreatment of Bradley Manning is ok, but as you alluded to, maybe it is something he should take the time to clarify.