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I am well

versed with Ron Paul and his stances and have supported him for a very long time. I get what you are saying, but we are not dealing with things the way they should be, we are dealing with them the way that they actually are. I can pretty much guarantee you that if Ron Paul was running for president again he would not have made the statement that he did. Any political figure that comes out in public support of Bradley Manning is committing political suicide. Ron Paul can openly call Bradley Manning a hero because he is speaking as a private citizen, but what about when he was in office or running for office? We all know that 911 was an inside job, but Ron wouldn't touch that one with a 10' pole (and I don't blame him). Was that because he was a coward and didn't love liberty or because he knew that if he did it would be the end of his political career?

Politics has become a very dirty game and the enemy holds all of the cards because they control the media and therefore public perception. Like it or not, if we are going to have a seat at the table at all at this point, it is necessary to know which battles to fight and which hills are worth dying on. What do you think Rand Paul should have said about Bradley Manning? Honestly, I would like to hear your response. Because if you think he should have said exactly what his father said than you must realize that in doing so he would have lost any chance of ever being elected president, and quite possibly lost his Senate seat as well. That would have been great for the liberty movement because then we would have no one in the senate who cares a rats butt about their oath of office. How does that help the liberty movement?

What about Justin Amash? Has he come out and openly supported Bradley Manning and called him a hero and asked that he be pardoned? What about any public official? Which one did that, because I haven't heard about it yet. The Liberty's Movements primary litmus test for our elected officials should be whether or not they obey the Constitution. To this point, Rand has done that and I just for the life of me do not understand why so many people that seem to care about liberty in this country don't get that that is the primary thing we should be concerned about when judging a political candidate.