Comment: "Can they do that?"

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"Can they do that?"

Can you trust a government prosecutor to bring the abuse-of-power case against the NSA? Can you trust a government judge not to throw the case out of court, or to rule in FAVOR of the NSA?

Look at what's going on here -- this t-shirt guy would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fight this in court. That's more money than he could ever hope to earn from selling the shirts, and there is NO certainty that he would win his case. Now look at his opposition: no individual bureaucrat in the NSA will lose one dime, if the case goes against the NSA. No one will lose his job or face jail time. They have no incentive to obey the law -- or the Constitution. They can screw this guy with total impunity. And they have.

Expecting the government to protect your rights from their own abuse works about as well as expecting the fox to protect the chickens.

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