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So tell us please,

who do you support, and if Rand were to leave the senate since he's doing so much harm, which fine individual do you recommend should step in to take his place (besides Justin Amash who currently has a position)? And what else, besides the one statement that you referenced, has Rand Paul done to betray the principles of liberty? Which unconstitutional bills or laws has he supported? You took the time to write an entire article declaring how bad Rand Paul is for liberty, so please do cite some examples for us so we can better understand where you're coming from? Personally, I can think of 99 other senators who's record is far worse than Rands when it comes to upholding their oath of office and defending liberty, but clearly you feel that Rand is so bad for the movement that you felt the need to single him out in an attempt to discredit him, so surely you must have a whole list of things he's done to violate his oath of office, so please, do share so we can be up to speed.