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you have stated

that i have caused you to become irritated. i have caused you nothing of the sort. only you can do that to yourself. that's called irrational thinking. you have certainly presented your case for rand and then some. i'm sorry you read my non emotional replies as snark and zingers. your own sentences however filled with "fucking" and claiming you're not being a dick what 3 times? say otherwise, and are hardly inviting to a civil exchange. if you would have read and understood my take on the presidential election you'd know i believe they are rigged. maybe though we have some common ground on spreading the libertarian message? i tend to see it as a long term and ongoing goal. there are many voices, local politics, films, books etc doing that, the ron paul channel, this site, and many others. sometimes rand helps spread that message and sometimes he doesn't. if he is really okay with manning rotting in prison and thinks snowden should be in jail i could never vote for him anyway.