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Comment: What makes anybody think that

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What makes anybody think that

What makes anybody think that the NSA doesn't have a backdoor in the AES encryption? In the 70's when IBM created the previous encryption system DES, the NSA forced IBM to make changes to the algorithm. It was believed and accepted by industry insiders at the time that the NSA forced IBM to install a backdoor.

In 2001 NIST set up a contest to find a new encryption algorithm to replace DES/3DES. Once the cypher was accepted, NIST forced changes to make the AES algorithm, but before it was released the NSA forced changes. What those changes were is anybody's guess; however, any encryption cypher/algorithm/program which isn't approved by the NSA is illegal. I wonder why the NSA would get the final say?

Encryption may hide your communications from the general public and such, but if the government is monitoring you, then there isn't a legal encryption program on the market trustworthy.

Let us not forget that The Onion Router (TOR) was created by the US Navy. The external part of the program which is the interface that everybody calls TOR, is not actually TOR. TOR is a process which the US Navy created to hide their communications. If one thinks that the US Navy -or possibly other US Agencies- can't easily monitor what goes on via TOR, I would suggest that the individual should think a little more on the subject.