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Comment: Thank you... accepted.

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Thank you... accepted.

But I am not wrong on circumcision.

I certainly would never force it to be done for those who don't want it, but it should never be out-lawed.

Again, it is a religious custom. One with very specific effects, that remain with you the rest of your life. And one I am glad I got done, on the 8th day, as a baby boy.

I spoke with my parents about it. Because of the convo on DP. My mother, Catholic, was nervous and very skeptical of it. My father was nervous and skeptical as well, but he felt it was safe and part of our tradition. My Mother still says it was a little hard to watch, but she understands why it was done as custom, and why it is done in modern medicine, and is glad it was done, especially since I am glad. My father actually held my legs for the Mohel, and seeing as I don't remember squat, he admits he got the worst of it. Apparently, there was a lot of blood, but that is normal, and everything healed up, jut perfectly, lol.

So again, it is basically preference, but mostly not yours or mine, but... 'Hers'.

I would recommend insisting in hospitals that they do not do the circumcision there, because they might have some Med-school intern or first-year grad perform the procedure

Make sure to get an experience Mohel (pronounced Moil, or Moyle), to perform the briss on the 8th day, ot just because of custom, but because the 8th day is apparently the physiologically the best day to do it, for the baby to be ready, and for it to heal correctly.

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