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Comment: I agree

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I agree

If it's not cointelpro it's sure a big freebie for them.

Let's assume that everyone who uses the word zionist uses it in the 'techinical' sense, and has no racist bone in their body.

It doesn't matter one bit, it's like using the N word in a 'historical' or 'colloquial' sense. Protest all you want, you're gonna be perceived as a racist. Similarly zionist. Except it's really worse because people who might even be racist against light or brown skin people will jump on you also because jews are the chosen people. It's a religious matter as well.

So yes, do I suspect there are people who toss around the word 'zionist' that are sockpuppets trying to make us look bad.

Yes, yes I do. And it works.

It's also WRONG. It's like a persian hating Americans because of what our government does.

If someone called me an American Imperialist Pig, I would be hurt. Because I'm NOT.

And not because I hate America. Because I love America and the dream of her I decry all that is done to weaken America by turning it into an empire. Empire is poison speed like arsenic, you'll get a little kick before you die.