Comment: Your right, we gotta look at

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Your right, we gotta look at

Your right, we gotta look at the bigger picture here. I guess as long as I don't have to SEE the piles of dead bodies, the destitute families, the orphaned children etc, I guess I'm cool with it. Especially since they're just a bunch of expendable hajis after all. Anything, so long as I get to watch Rand's inauguration.

Yeah, being fundamentally opposed to wanton murder for lies and power is suuuuch soapbox talk. Look, I can tolerate a little hedging and fine-lining on some issues, but outright murder I cannot.

So say Rand gets his pile of skulls in Iran, everything's cool, he doesn't rock the neocon boat too much, and he gets elected. Fine, a few tens of thousands of lives in some far off land are destroyed. No problem, it's what was necessary to win. Ok, so are we then to expect that Rand will then reverse the policy once he's commander-in-chief? I mean, is he gonna then stand up to Israel a bit? Is he gonna bring some troops home? I mean, do you really see a whole lot changing? Maybe less droning?

I seriously wanna know what you Rand apologists think you're getting for this willingness to compromise on murder.