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Comment: Dude you lumped in the whole country....

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Dude you lumped in the whole country....

Again, you're talking about the Israeli government as a whole. I was talking about a globalist faction with ties in the Israeli government.

I made a specific analogy between Israel and the US, with how there are still good people in Israel, and their government, like the US, but actually less infiltrated.

You failed to acknowledge that point in your post, the one that you are referring to that I responded to.

With all the anti-Israel and anti-Jew, Jew-Conspiracy comments that are on here, such as ones you often chime in on, you should understand how I could not tell a difference, if indeed there is one.

But, as for painting people with broad strokes, you are telling a completely separate individual, that I relate to everyone a certain way based on how I allegedly related to you.

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