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not that you asked but... to give you the short version, in this doc they say HIV is a virus that has existed in humans for thousands of years and has never caused AIDS.... and that a spike in drug use (such as heroin and cocaine) is more likely to be responsible for the immunity problems that started cropping up in the 80s along with the rise in the use of these drugs. They further assert that the toxic medication used to combat the disease is what ultimately kills the patient. They discus a toxic medication called AZT, which is basically a super strong chemotherapy drug which was banned from use on cancer patients.

I'm no stranger to the unholy alliance between the medical establishment and the GOV, but this is still pretty tough to take in if this is true. It means the millions of people 'infected with HIV' are completely curable (or have nothing wrong with them at all), and we (through insurance premiums and taxation) are financing the systematic killing of our own people.

After all I have learned in the last several years, I still don't want to believe this is who we are.

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