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Comment: Devise, divide, conquer, and spread... The game of plunder.

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Devise, divide, conquer, and spread... The game of plunder.

Collectivism always eventually develop into imperialism.

The insult to our intelligence is the collectivists often pretend to decry, denounce imperialism, while it's actually their final aim.

We can look at soviet Russia and the satellite nations it was only but craving to devore and enslave, their turn. Or communist China with even the heights of Nepal.

The evergreen plan is always the same:

first devise antagonisms, then divide genders, generations, labor and investors, the countryside and the cities, the intellectual and the manual, the natives and foreigners, the believer and non believer,... you name it... and breed envy, jealousy, resentment, injustice among them, then conquer them with a brutal nanny state, and spread the rotting from inside (subversion) and plunder farther.

Collectivism and its elites feed on misery, division, ignorance, delusions, hate, and only wishes to be always more encompassing.

The individual and economic harmonies around him or her is our only hope for a way out, or humanity will die.

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