Comment: I'm Black..InFinger...I have seen you around here for awhile

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I'm Black..InFinger...I have seen you around here for awhile

talking bout your racist bsheet. I'm mean this really is a major concern of yours that you take the time out to search, sign-on, paste, and stick around, look for comments every 63.3 seconds, and argue with folks. Damn man! We could sit here all day pasting bsheet about a black dude killin a white dude, gay dude, Elvis. Or a white killin a black dude, gay dude, MLK.

Black man dragged to death 200 miles from site of Byrd murder 10 years ago.

"Brandon McClelland, 24, was dragged to death beneath a truck driven by two white men in Paris, Texas last month. McClelland was black. The site of his death is about 200 miles from the location where James Byrd was murdered in a similar manner ten years ago."

See, I just had to do what I just mentioned above and what a pain! We are on the verge of WW3 and this is what you want to post about?

My Tuskegee Airman father, when explaining how he felt about protecting white airmen on combat missions over Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Southern Europe, when upon landing on the ground, they called him niggerbirds and coon's with wings. He said that was before they realized who was protecting them. Afterwards they would come over and bring Italian wines and cheeses and listen to music and it was pretty much integrated on the Black bases, for a time.

I hate to talk about personal stuff but you irritate me. You need to look at whatever happened to you in your past to make you feel this way and deal with it man! But to waste time with your racist, small minded bsheet any more isn't worth the brain power to type it.