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Comment: you have indeed

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you have indeed

lumped myself and others here into the same mold, now if i am wrong,I am sorry,but as of now,I don't feel I am wrong
never have i lumped everyone into a conversation
as it does not apply to everyone
I have told you all gov heads are hand picked,they are related
to one another,so how is this lumping on my part?
I also believe this whole interbreeding amongst the illetes is to keep it all in the family,so is this lumping? or is it calling out the ones in charge?
I have never personally given a hoot what others do in their lives,as long as it doesn't affect me badly
I believe all wars are fought over family control,with one family member taken out,and another member installed in that open space
I believe them pharoahs left egypt during the revolt,went to england
started another country,this led to america,as america is still owned by england,as we never won that war of ind,we were though financed by our supposed enemy!!...nw here i could mention the catholics,and their bibles,but this leads to others just getting pissed by it

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)