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Also I should add, the bad

Also I should add, the bad guys are not zionists. That's a very simplistic, even superstitious, lens to view the problem. Israel isn't sacrosanct because TPTB gives a flucking fly about Israelis, or jewish people, whatsoever.

Israel is sacrosanct because it gives an endless excuse to waste American blood and treasure in an endless war. Further Israel is never allowed to win. And they could have multiple times, might even still be able to pacify the entire region if they were allowed.

But they never will be allowed, because the endless strife is gold in the bank for our fascist overlords. The religious overtones are just extra bonus useful because there are so many Christians in the US and it's easy to use that.

Most Israelis aren't fooled into thinking they are anything but a catspaw in the games of TPTB.

The fact you can't see the obvious, or know it and are fomenting hate, is telling.