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I don't know

I know life is not fair.. I don't recall what you are specifically talking about.. part of me is going back to posts that seemed to go round in circles...

I don't know deacon.. I know that for myself, because of all these emails I'm getting siecn the RNC, signed by Judges, some really heavy stuff is happening.. and I'm lamenting that so many missed the opportunity Ron Paul gave us.. so I'm not clear what you are talking about right now.

I am not a perfect person. I am not always 100% right. I'm not better than you. I respect you as a man of God YOUR way.. I have said to you perhaps more than anyone here, DO WHAT YOU WANT.

I will do things as I understand they are best, and I hope that you are too, and maybe that's as fair as it gets?

Life has never been fair for me deacon. What's up? I'm not having the best day, so maybe this is a perfect day to hit me hard? Go for it and may God's mercy and grace be your power.