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Comment: Most gracious sir...

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Most gracious sir...

Most kind sir,

I would first like to thank you for your heartfelt response to a thread that I pulled off of Drudge. I realize it must be painful for you to read so many stories about your fellow kinsman killing White people for no other reason than they were White. But one thing is for sure, RACISM does exist in America but who are the RACIST?

To post the top story on Drudge and have you attack me the way you have says more about you than me. You speak of the "RACISM" your dad went through but if you would like I can tell you about how my wife was gang raped by a groups of blacks. Maybe you might want to stick around for that story. You might want to hear what they said to her while they were laughing and raping her but seeing as your daddy was called names I'm sure the pain my wife went through was nothing compared to that.

Maybe you might want to see how over 35,000 white women a year are raped by blacks, maybe look into why 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks since the 1960s.

As a boy, my old daddy was a preacher, a Pentecostal Preacher so you can imagine what sort of looks we got when my Daddy had a black church come to our church back in 1971 in Horseshoe Beach FL, Dixie Country was the County we were living in and had a black preacher preach in his church so no I don't believe race was an issue in "my house" when I was younger, having said that, I went to 28 different schools in these here United States and on more occasions than I can count, I faced racism when I was a child. From Phoenix Arizona to Houston TX. to Grenville S.C. To Cincinnati, to Ft.Lauderdale FL to Tampa FL and too many other to count so don't talk to me like you know what racism is, you don't have a clue.

My daddy got to the 7th grade, my mom was married when she was 14, we were so poor back in the 60s that no one in my family had bathrooms or indoor plumbing of any kind, we dug a hole in the ground when we had to go to the bathroom, that's how poor we were. I didn't have shoes in the summertime to wear and I damn sure never went to school with a black kid who was poorer then me so shut your pie hole for a minute and come out of that brainwashing you have been indoctrinated since you were a youth.

If black people are sick of reading about the murder going on toward whites then why don't you open your mouth and say something. Notice how the death of the young boy did not come up in your conversation the first time, why is that I wonder? Maybe your hate that you have been taught is coming out, maybe it is you with the problem.

One Race and one race only seems to not be able to get it together in this Country, why is that? Why is it only your race that seems to come up short? Maybe it is the hate you harbor in your heart because I damn sure don't have any toward you. You need to realize that I have not been socially engineered into feeling helpless against you or any other black for that matter. You see I lived in the Ghetto with your kind, I went to school with your kind and fought your kind to school and from school when I was a kid. I didn't have any choice because of the love that was so prevalent in your neighborhoods.

You may want to use a paradigm shift when you come talking to me about race.