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Sanctions and war? How bout

Sanctions, or war? How bout normal diplomatic relations. Yes, I get that as far as what's actually going to happen, it's going to be sanctions and/or war because congress is full of sociopaths. But you seem to be under the impression that Rand had to sign on to either/or. The fact is that he didn't. He could've argued against both LIKE HIS FATHER DID and voted NO on sanctions, period. Your Burger King analogy is completely irrelevant.

Again, you're ignoring the fact that he's out and out LYING about Iran pursuing nuclear weapons and that it's pursuing an aggressive policy toward its neighbors. All of it is a lie. What is it you don't understand about all this? Just take a deep breath and say it with me... Rand Paul is lying about Iran in order to justify a vote of violence against its civilian population, in order to curry favor within his party, because he aspires to the presidency. It's really not that hard.

The question is whether or not your comfortable with this fact. You are, I'm not. That's it.