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Awesome Idea

I used to work in urban ghettos with large black communities. For the most part I met two types of people in those ghettos, one type were people who worked 50 to 70 hours a week with the best intentions and could not escape the prison around them. The other type, which was unfortunately more common were people who lived off welfare checks, hung outside on stoops all day and created mayhem for the people passing by. They terrified people around them because living in those ghettos teaches you its ok to hurt people if the world has hurt you. I cant deny I walked away from my time there a lil harsher, however I always thought how badly the message of freedom needs to be sung from the rooftop of every building in that ghetto. I wish these people the best of luck, They would be better off if they dropped the "Republican" label and stuck to a more freedom based platform but thats what happens when you gotta play the game.