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Where is the beef?

You don't get it? ...Well, seeing as I posted the story, I will tell you why "I" posted it. To kill a young man for no other reason than you were bored? What kind of animal would do such a thing? A serial killer? Yes, but they don't run in groups, and this was their first kill as far as I know right now, so what gets a group of kids to hate another race so bad that when they get bored they run out and shoot down a white kid in cold blood?

Now that in itself is bad, but then I have to ask, what makes people get on a site and instead of saying, "man that was awful, I feel bad for his or her family, may he rest in peace, no instead let's call the guy who put the story up there a racist. Then let's tell his fellow members on this site that you have been watching his racist comments and you don't appreciate that "but" you understand because the person who posted it was just and "Okeydoky" kind of guy. AKA "stupid"

If these people had any character at all, he/she or they would apologize. I want anyone who feels I am a "RACIST", I'm really starting to like what that word means, one who can think for them self, to go through my account and find anything that can show a pattern of racism. You can't because I'm not.

And don't give me this nonsense, "you could be a racist and not even know it." What? Who comes up with this stuff. My integrity and character has been besmirched by those who have called me names, now they need to put up or shut up.