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"is increasingly alienating more and more potential supporters."


This is what I call the liberty echo chamber syndrome. Have you noticed Sen. Paul leading in most of the polls? Winning the CPAC straw poll?

Anarchists don't vote. Statistically, they just don't. Rand Paul is doing very well with likely Republican voters--something Ron Paul never did well with. Sure, the purists are up in arms here on the Daily Paul. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham and McCain are calling for the end of foreign aid to Egypt. And Sen. Paul is making headlines with quotes like this, "Rand Paul: NSA Spying 'Unconstitutional,' Can't Be Saved By More Oversight"

The dirty little secret is--having the purist anarchists and libertarians here attacking Rand Paul for not being worthy of a or LewRockwell blog post, is ultimately going to help him with the normal voters...ouch, I know...

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