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I enjoy reading your post Mike

Mike, first of all let me tell you that I enjoy reading your post, they are thought provoking. But there is a problem going on right now and has been going on for years, black on white crime is increasing. White on black crime is so low that the FBI started categorizing Hispanics as whites so as to even out the disparaging differences.

Every race that has come to this Country has assimilated to this country except one. Not all of course but so many that our prisons are full of them.

I think we must start asking the question why? Why? Why kill a white kid because you're bored? There are too many to name but then when a rare occurrence happens and some nit wit white murders a black kid or women, it becomes national news?

What good is liberty going to do us if half the population wants to kill us for crap that for the most part did not even happen. Case in point, Roots, it was a made up story that Alex Haley stole from a white author. How many other stories are out there like that. Now do we need to beat a dead horse? No, but when a story makes it to the top of drudge, "it's news in my book."