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There is a very obvious double standard when it comes to mentioning the race of a criminal if the criminal happens to be black, and people are generally aware of it. I mean, everyone knows what "urban youth" is code for, but don't you dare say it aloud!

Yet whenever someone brings it up, they're almost always either branded as racists, or as someone who is just trying to stir the pot.

When it comes to black-on-white or white-on-black crimes, the white guy will almost always be branded a racist by the media/general opinion, soemtimes even when he's innocent, where the black guy will almost always be portrayed as some sort of victim of circumstance, so often that most people I know take it as a given at this point. Given that I've literally heard people, both black and white, claim that "black people can't be racist", this comes as little surprise to me.

Take the Germans; despite their several thousand year history, they will always be associated with Nazism. Every individual/group/country has some 'thing' that they'll never be able to live down, it seems.

Point is, no matter what white people in the U.S. do, they're always going to be branded as racists...and usually by other white people. /facepalm

Another point is, there are shitty people in every 'group', this is why we can't have nice things, et cetera.


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