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It's comments like these

that make so many others become generally annoyed with AJ fans.

It's about the message, not the man.

This whole "he's done more than you" argument is illogical, for one. What have YOU done? Who are *you* to judge others you've never met? How does one go about measuring intangible accomplishments?

That's like me saying "you can't criticize Gigli! How many movies have YOU directed?" Or even "you can't criticize Obama! How many times have YOU been President?" See how that works?

Also, this overly macho "grow a pair" nonsense does nothing but create division: anyone who doesn't get behind AJ is a coward, slave, et cetera. Might as well just say "either you're with us or you're with the terr'ists", because that's the kind of attitude so often displayed by AJ's Greek chorus.

Being a fan of Alex Jones and the information he puts out is one thing, but some people put him on this impossibly high pedestal and take any and all criticisms as some sort of personal attack. Enough with the cult of personality crap.

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