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I am against all foreign aid.

But make no mistake, the US has a lot more power than Israel and our government uses the government of Israel a lot more than vice versa. We give 7 times the $billions in foreign aid we give Israel, to enemies of Israel, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and even "Palestine", among others. Even Ron Paul brings up that point.

Most important, the globalist MIC that is borderless, uses the US to fund all sides, to keep conflict going, to profit and control populations. Israel is the centerpiece of this conflict. Israel could have won a decisive victory several times, but the MIC globalists who control the US and the UN, would always undo their victories. Such as the time Eisenhower forced Israel to give back the captured Suez Canal, via UN resolution.
Also, Ron Paul was the only American office holder who publicly approved of Israel's sovereign action to bomb Iraqi nuke sites, in 1981. The rest of the government, under Reagan no less, condemned Israel.

Israel's relationship with the US is also not nearly as peachy as some posters here believe. Up until recently, the US spent more money spying on Israel than any other nation. And if you think things aren't like that, just look at the Brits who were caught spying on all the NATO allies at that recent summit or whatever.

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