Comment: I'm not suggesting to ignore bad behavior

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I'm not suggesting to ignore bad behavior

We should certainly call out the Jesse's and Al's or their media sycophants of the world when they make, or support the making of, a racial issue out of one that is clearly not.

Are we not falling into the same trap as they when we do so?

How do we KNOW this is a racially motivated issue? Did the alleged perpetrators say they were not just bored, but angry at whitey and that's what motivated them to kill an otherwise innocent (white) young man? If so then yes - let's call them out.

Or are we pissed at Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for not being consistent in calling this the same thing that they called Zimmerman's acts - racially motivated, when it actually wasn't. Let them be consistent in being stupid - it doesn't mean we have to be.