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I've stated multiple times...

I am against foreign aid and involving America at all in that region other than free market trade.

As a Jew I support the nation of Israel existing. Period. That is my stance. I do not claim to think Israel's government is perfect just like I do not pretend mine is. But I support their existence and understand the situation there. I know propaganda when I see it. From any side, of any conflict.

A one state solution is Israel. If muslims can get over living next to non-muslims, it would already be that way. If there are those Jews using tyrannical methods to keep a Jewish majority there, I do not agree with that policy. But I also do not agree with letting in all muslims so they can vote for Sharia Law, just like I don't believe we should just open the borders here, and let all Mexicans and other immigrants in, so they can vote democrat. Israel is a complicated place. We should not meddle in their affairs. But we should be friendly trade partners. My problem is people bashing Isreal just for being there, and the Jewish people. Anyone acting like that doesn't go on here, is lying.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?